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We help tech companies scale engineering capacity and deliver great software

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high engineering standards
focus on problem solving
flexibility and transparency of processes
proven methodologies and approaches


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About Us

Modern world is changing rapidly so the requirements for software development should follow new business needs and correspond to new challenges technology-wide and also process and approach-wide.

As experienced engineers we are also fans of good old project management and doing business principles, like transparency, responsiveness and reliability

After vast amounts of various deliveries we can name and classify approaches which are pulling projects into the right direction according to the business needs.

For big formal bank domain related projects that could be our extra planning and prototyping secret recipes (which won’t be secret for you). As well as the opposite agile approach for the areas that are matter of change.

Using an engineering mindset we have classified and crystallized right templates suitable for different particular domain business needs. Now when we need to build a process – we are not starting from scratch. We are getting right template from our toolbox with all its strong sides and polishing it to suit exact use case and business model.

Following mentioned principles we have seen many times to work, we drive your project to success.